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Thalasea Spa

Welcome to our New Massage area!!!!! 

Our New Massage area - Mini Spa, is located next by our Gym and there you can enjoy a relaxing massage or treatment by our profesional physiotherapist, under the relaxing music and the heavenly natural Smells that we have prepared for you!!!!!!!!

The massage is working daily, except Sundays and you can book your treatment directly to the massage area, or the hotels reception or the pool Bar. 

Prices and Treatments:


Relaxing Massage Whole Body 1 Hour: 40 Euros

Sport Massage Whole Body 1 Hour: 45 Euros 

Back and Neck 30 minutes: 30 Euros

Foot Massage 30 Minutes: 30 Euros

Head and Face Massage 30 minutes: 30 Euros 

Tightening Massage for Feet and Stomach 30 Minutes: 40 Euros 

Tightening Massage for Legs, Hands and Stomach 1 Hour: 50 Euros

Face hydration: 45 Euros




HOT CANDLE MASSAGE (whole body) 1 Hour: 55 Euros

SEA SHELLS MASSAGE (whole body) 1 Hour: 55 Euros

HOT STONES MASSAGE (whole body) 1 Hour: 50 Euros


Available are also special physiotherapy treatments for those with long problems, or injuries!!!!!


Also we provide WAX services for Men and Ladies!!!!! 

We Use Only Phytomer Products 

Phytomer Products
massage area - mini spa
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