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Sustainable Imperial Hotel
Green Key
Environment Friendly

Our Environmental Policy

Imperial Hotel is located in the island of Crete.

Crete is famous for its unique nature green surroundings and its crystal clear blue sea and we want to keep it that way. As a hotel we are aware that all our actions influence the environment and we strive to be as environmental friendly as possible.

Thats why we have been awarded by the Green Key certicartion.


Our current sustainable actions:


  • We use led light bulbs for all the main lights in our public areas, pools, gardens and rooms.

  • We have replaced all our TV’s with Led technology TV’s

  • All our rooms are equipped with save energy key cards, that take off all the lights and appliances of the room when you are not inside.

  • All rooms balcony doors and large windows are equipped with a trap that when you open them, 40 seconds later all A/C units of the room turn off.

  • We have upgraded the 60% of the rooms, with latest inverter A/C Units.

  • In our laundry we use the eco mode of all the machines, for less energy usage.

Water efficiency:

  • Water saving aerators or water saving tubs are used in all the rooms, with result 50% less water consumption and energy saving as a result of heating less water.

  • All our toilets flashes at 50% or have 2 Buttons

  • All hotel’s warm water is mainly heated by solar panels and when this is not possible, we use latest technology inverter heat pumps.

  • We change towels in the rooms upon customer’s request, with target the less use of washing detergents and water consumption.

  • Main pool, Jacuzzi and Premium Pool uses automatic disinfection system, with result less chemical needed and 24/7  monitoring.

  • Terrace pool and indoor Thalasea pool uses salt instead of chlorine for disinfection.

  • All our gardens are watered by an automatic watering system.


  • All our cleaning products we use in the hotel are environmentally friendly and concentrated.

  • Housekeeping uses their cleaning products in reusable bottles so we can produce less waste.

  • In all rooms we do not use single dose amenities, but refillable devices.

  • We use microfiber dusters for less water and chemical consumption.

  • All the dusters are washed daily so we do not need to buy new ones everyday.

F&B Departments:

  • We believe in local products for our kitchen. We serve fresh food in our restaurant that has been made by local ingredients where possible and all cooked according the Mediterranean diet with olive oil of our production.

  • All the food wastes from our kitchen are given for composting.

  • The used cooking oil in the kitchen is collected and converted into environmental friendly biodiesel.

  • 60% of our kitchen appliances use gas instead of electricity for energy efficiency.


  • Housekeeping washes their dusters themselves, so we do not have to buy new ones every day.

  • The used cooking oil in the kitchen is collected and converted into environmentally friendly biodiesel.

  • In all the departments we do not use plastic straws but bio-disposable ones.

  • We try to use as less as possible single dose food  packages.

Reusing and recycling:

  • All the bin bags in our hotel are made of recycled materials.

  • In all public areas we have separate bins for recycling and general waste.

  • In all our departments we separate our wastes according the recycling procedures.

  • All the rooms are equipped with recycling bins.

  • All the paper we use in our reception is by recycled paper.

  • All our leaflets are made by reusable paper.


  • We inform our guests and staff about our ‘Green Policy’

  • We make staff meeting, twice a year for informing all our staff for our annual environmental procedures and goals.

  • We rent bikes from our reception to the hotel guests.

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